Special Food Stores

If you’ve been reading my blog, you should more or less be able to guess whereof I speak.

Bought a pack of Brownie Brittle cookies from S&R. A huge pack cost P399. Amazon sells it for: ImageNot a bad deal, right?

Recently, I was offered Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle with Toffee Crunch by one of my favorite stores that delivers. Sight unseen, I ordered, presuming the size would be similar to S&R’s. The price quoted was P345. I thought, “Wow, cheaper than S&R?” But lo and behold, when the item was delivered, it was nowhere near as big. IN fact, I think it was just a fourth of S&R’s. I was aghast but well, I rationalized, maybe the toffee crunch made it special? Alas, I failed to try it as I needed to give someone something and decided this was special enough.

Then what do you know? At Power Plant this pm, saw the item in Candy Store which doesn’t sell things cheap. Guess how much a similar pack cost? P189. The one on display was the one without toffee crunch. I asked the sales clerk if they had toffee crunch, she said “sold out”. I asked how much it cost – she said pareho lang ma’am. I emailed the food store if they may have been mistaken in pricing the thing, so far, no response yet. Maybe because it’s Sunday.

The smaller pack as sold in Amazon is nearer Candy Store’s pricing:


In another store (as opposed to supermarket or grocery) where I like to shop, I bought Ovomaltine. Was shocked – a bottle cost P700. But pikit  mata, I got one, just so we could try it. Oh my, it was really good. Better than Biscoff and Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter. But at P700 — when will I get the guts again to splurge on such? Plus, check out the price in Amazon:


You do the math. I guess, freight is to blame for the exorbitant pricing.

Oh well. 



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