Man vs Woman

I’ve been following the series Goddess of Marriage, now on Episode 28. Midway into that episode is a discussion between philandering husband and formerly loyal, subservient and docile wife. Husband explains why he cheated on her, wife’s explanation may well explain not only why she doesn’t really but why many women watch Koreanovelas also. Check this out. The discussion starts at 7:37:

All along, I thought the scriptwriter would say the man philandered because the wife didn’t take care of how she looked, well he/she didn’t say that. Is the scriptwriter a woman? I wouldn’t be surprised.


Aside from the above issue, the series also makes one realize that life in a golden cage is not at all a happy one all the time because while the cage is golden, it remains a cage. In it, life can be a living hell. Happiness isn’t about being overly wealthy after all. A study in contrasts is also presented in the series.


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