MOVIES and then some

I don’t like watching sci-fi movies. The last we watched, Elysium, bored me so much I fell asleep most of the time. That was one expensive nap.

Yesterday, I saw the professional heckler declare he wanted to watch Gravity. Husband had been hinting about wanting to do so but I played deaf. But heckler is heckler so I told husband – want to watch? See? Heckler can help couples. I kid but you get the drift.

So yesterday, we went to Eastwood, got tickets to the Ultra theater – ugh so expensive just because there’s free popcorn and drinks. Yes, we’ve watched a couple of movies there but yesterday’s was too expensive. The movie had one actress only and several space thingies. The actress: Sandra Bullock. The debonair George Clooney had a brief appearance as a live being, and a brief one as a ghost. Ed Harris’ voice made an appearance too. And then it was space ships, the atmosphere, a space station all around.

Sadly for me I wasn’t sleepy. I was wide awake. What to do? Interact with my cellphone in between digging into my share of the cheese and barbecue popcorn. And getting sticky messy hands afterward. Evidence found in my cellphone. Yuck. The keys, the switches, the back – yuck. Ugh. Never again.

When I told son we watched Gravity he said “wow, in 3d?” I said no. He said people were praising it to high heavens – pun not intended. But really. Was it a suspense? Husband said it was before we watched it, but with one actress and her dying in the end? Not likely. Oops, spoiler.

Oh well. Sci-fi movies, men movies. Do I pass up next time? Still don’t take my word for it. Check out this review of Gravity.

Maybe I should and just watch Korean telenovelas. Now those make me laugh, smile, cry. Sometimes, I fall asleep but I can always “rewind”.

Love Marriage, the Koreanovela I am now into, is cute. Okay the male lead is cute. Step aside Lee Min Ho? He’s not as popular though and while he was the main lead in Love Marriage, his later series showed him as second lead – at least he hasn’t gotten the girls of late in the end. Poor thing.



After the movie, had burgers in Johnny Rockets. Ate there once or twice previously over so many years. First time we ate there ever, I was so  stressed. So noisy, I thought, with jukebox music. Next time, I was also stressed – the burgers are so expensive. But last night it was I who chose Johnny Rockets and I enjoyed the experience. Funny though as we were in a center table so as I was slicing my burger (Route something), I was suddenly taken aback when lo and behold, we were surrounded. I thought they would break out into a Happy Birthday song, but what do you know, they began dancing and clapping. Stopped slicing and watched. Nakakaconscious to be eating while these people were dancing around us. But the second time around, I ate comfortably while watching them. So with the third time. They dance every 15 minutes, I think.

Yes, the burgers were still expensive but my order was good. Asked if I could have mayo – the girl said I’d have to pay P10 extra. next time, I should bring McDo’s mayo in my bag. Oops, that reminds me of someone who brings Coke in a thermos when they eat in a certain place. Why? Can’t recall exactly which of the two reasons lies behind this ruse: the establishment doesn’t serve Coke or the establishment  sells Coke at a premium.

Yes, as a niece said, her aunts are all Coca-Cola fiends. My father blames that on the brother of my mom and I think he never forgave his brother-in-law for that crime. Or maybe he did but never forgot that my uncle was responsible.

what’s wrong with Coke? Now don’t answer that. Though nothing will convince me to stop drinking it. No more than two bottles a day, usually just one. Years back, I was with a few co-parents in my son’s school.  THey were aghast when they saw I had a bottle of Coke. They said, “You still drink Coke?”  The still there doesn’t indicate they knew from way back that I had been drinking, it doesn’t mean they knew me from way back. It’s the health/weight issue they presume that should let me stop.

Picture above is of the Happy Ketchup the server gave us. One of the many pa-cute stuff they say/do. They address customers as “Guys”, for example.


2 thoughts on “MOVIES and then some

  1. Elysium…ugh. So depressing. I should have read the signs and hindi na lang namin pinanood. First day, hindi kami nakapanood kasi the playplace where we leave S closes before the end of the movie. Then nung nakapanood kami finally nahilo si TheHusband and we had to leave early (thankfully though kasi di ko feel).

    • Glad to know I’m not the only one who feels that way about it. Read a news item that Gravity has been getting “Rave reviews”. Maybe visually it was amazing? Not my type either. I”m just not their market, I guess.

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