It is rare for the husband to want to go shopping. Or maybe to even need to because I’m such an efficient housewife I anticipate his needs. Oops, I was just struck by lightning. Joke. It’s not so much my being efficient as it is my proclivity to shop to entertain myself. Though of late, the grocery has grown unappealing to me because of the rain.  I like wheeling to Rustan’s but only if I am assured I won’t have to experience rain. My father brought us to believe we aren’t water proof.

anyway, yesterday or was it this morning, when husband said he needed to get stuff in Shang, the projected rains notwithstanding, we went. besides, who was I to refuse, right? And the weather seemed to cooperate. There wasn’t too much rain. And the traffic to Shang at 4 wasn’t too bad. We got there a little past five, meaning after an hour or so from Loyola Heights.

We got his arch support from True Value, then went to New Balance on the fifth floor where the clerk was so  knowledgeable about plantar fascitis, a painful affliction of my husband’s. This isn’t YES magazine, I am not Jo Ann Maglipon, so go find out what it is about. How utterly mean that sounds. Okay, according to wikipedia, plantar fascitis is a “painful inflammatory process of the plantar fascia, the connective tissue or ligament on the sole (bottom surface) of the foot.” Before husband went to the doctor years back, I had diagnosed his affliction. I am many things, among them a quack doctor. Joke. But really, from his symptoms I knew it was that after googling.

After NB, told husband I wanted to go to Marks & Spencer because I got a text from them re a sale of sorts – 20% off  on most things plus double rewards points. Sucker that I am, I  went while husband went to Globe. But as luck would have it, I found nothing that caught my eye.

meanwhile, son texted asking where we were. So we headed to Galbi in the East Wing for dinner. Ordered the seafood soup and realized belatedly that it was what you and I had ordered, C. Remember? We were such donyas then we asked them to peel the skin off the shrimp and remove the crab shell. Because how to do it with chopsticks, right? This time around, I didn’t want to leave a lasting impression with the resto re my demanding ways so I decided I’d just eat the crab at home. I did ask for a knife and fork so I could peel the skin off the shrimp. Husband and I also had bibimbap. Server recommended the chicken one. I should have followed my heart’s desire and ordered the pork one. When I had ordered the beef before, it wasn’t as good as the pork. So trust me. Also ordered pajeon and galbi jim. Son ordered  dragon sushi I think and his own bibimbap. Husband and I shared a bowl with some leftover for takeout.

Bought two items for my sister who called to ask if I were in the mall. Thereafter, after asking husband whether he wanted to go elsewhere, we went home. Son was shocked, but I thought husband might be having problems with his foot.

Now the near drama is about to start. Have you read of some people following Google Maps and driving off the cliff because that’s what the map directed them to do? EDSA has no cliff and I was not looking at Google maps but at WAZE. Son was in his car, husband and I were in a separate car. WAZE said to turn right at Ortigas and I read this out to husband. So he took the road on the right, a path he’s not too familiar with. It’s near where the buses are. Then thud. Oops, I wondered, “Ano yon?” ANd then the car seemed to be out of control. Another bump, thud, and I noticed we were crossing the island. A narrow one but an island nonetheless. Then we stopped. I had a feeling we had hit a bus. But I was hoping I was wrong. An MMDA came near us and asked husband whether his brakes had a problem. Husband said he didn’t see the island. MMDA was very understanding and before long, bus driver was beside him. MMDA said not to pay the bus driver more than P500 as his bus wasn’t damaged but bus driver when he came back was asking for P700.  To cut a long story short we decided to pay the bus driver such and then he drove off. MMDA told the driver to forgive husband because it was an “honest mistake.” Very nice of him. Damage to the car at first glance: a slight dent and a broken side mirror.

Minutes later, my cell phone rang. Oh no, I had a feeling it was son. ANd when I saw his name I wondered if an accident had also befallen him. But he called merely to ask where we were. I deliberated over whether to tell him about the accident or not but decided to skip it lest he worry and be distracted.

He arrived home ahead of us. I told him about the accident and he said “no wonder your voice was shaking when I called.”

So there. That was close. For a while there I thought the Starex would fall on its side. My side. But for the intervention of the angels and by God’s grace, that might have happened but didn’t.

EDSA across where tonight’s incident took place was also where MMDA stopped husband years back. See, he drove along the bus lane which was separated from the regular vehicle’s lane by a mesh fence. Very confusing actually. Or am I just biased?

Moral of the story? Accidents happen but do be focused on the road when driving on unfamiliar territory. Perhaps our streets could be better lit also?


4 thoughts on “Almost

  1. Goodness!!! That was close! Good to know you’re both okay.

    Re you dig at Yes! magazine — not mean at all when you’re speaking the truth right? It rankles me when they start off with “according to Wikipedia…”

    • Thanks… it was a harrowing few minutes/seconds. Certainly glad to have survived it..

      Re Yes! – I thought it cute at first, then I found the inputs tiresome when they became too frequent.

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