Mars and Venus

another of those posts that contrasts men and women.

Yesterday, while we were looking for a parking slot in Shang, there was this car that was backing out ever so slowly. It finished doing so but suddenly stopped. Another car was about to take its slot driving backward.  Then husband who was watching the two said “O”. A small bumping sound and then the driver of the second car rolled down the window. Female driver. Then the driver of the first car came down her car. Female. Husband said, “I thought so. Statistics show …” blah, blah, blah. I said, “Oh?” He and son are perpetually making fun of female drivers. Justified? 

So every time I get a chance, I fire back. This am, husband called Hyundai Pasig re the purchase of a side mirror for the Starex (see previous post on what happened). Person he spoke with there said “I’ll call you back.” Meantime, husband called Hyundai in Cainta. Right off the one who took his call said it would take two to three weeks to get a replacement mirror. Then the phone rang. It was the Pasig person. She said “3 to 5 days but you have to give a downpayment.”

Woman’s intuition/gut feel – I asked, was the one in Pasig female? Husband said yes. I followed up – the one in Cainta was male? He said yes.

I rest my case.


But son ever the thinker said there might be no commission given for such which is why the person in Cainta was lackadaisical. No economic sense he said to bother to find a replacement mirror. I said, well, they are in the service industry so commission should not be top of mind but service. I further told them about the motto of Rotary International, “Service above self.”

Women rule.


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