Grace Park beyond Caloocan and then some

A friend invited us to dinner in Grace Park, Gaita Fores’s resto in One Rockwell. He said to “come early.” I thought that missive had to do with our getting on in age and wishing to turn in early as well. I found out later as we were having dinner that like in Mamou years ago (not sure if this is still in practice), dinner is served in two shifts, each lasting two hours. Ergo since call time was 6:30 pm, we had to be out at 8:30. Telltale signs to this effect were our host’s saying “Di pa naman 8:30” and the receptionist by the door’s constantly looking at her clipboard and her watch. Uh oh. Consequently, before 9 pm we left the resto and had coffee in Bizu: that is they had coffee, I had ice water.

But to go back to GP, we were late (husband finished watching the UST-La Salle game on TV which had 5 minutes extra as there was a tie) so that when we got there, they had ordered food already. In fact they were having soup – it was a cream soup that had a clam. At least my bowl had clam shells but no clam meat. Must have fallen off. I asked if they had ordered the chicharon. A waiter overheard me and said it was one of their best-sellers. So host ordered one plate that had 12 pieces or was it 13 total, with 2 or 3 each of two kinds.

Host had ordered a lot. Aside from the cream soup, he ordered soup with lobster, two types of pasta – one had seafoods, the other, truffle, salad with sheets of fried molo wrapper like thingies between a combination of veggies. I am the runt in the group – vegetables wise so they teased that they had ordered a vegetarian dinner. I ate a tiny portion of the salad but tasted something off-putting. Someone later said it was wasabi. In the dressing, likely.

Friend also ordered rib eye and chicken parmigiana. I liked the latter’s thick sauce that reminded me of pizza with tomato paste sauce – thick rather than runny. Host didn’t like it too much, I did. Incidentally the rib eye came with marble potatoes on the side and some greens under.

There were two kinds of pasta – one was seafood something, but I didn’t try that. I did enjoy the truffle oil pasta, though. Among the different restos’ versions of truffle oil pasta, I’d say GP has the best/tastiest.

For dessert we hied off to UCC next door where we shared blueberry cheesecake, pinipig crunc choco cake served with vanilla ice cream, chocolate cake and sans rival. The cheesecake I didn’t try, the sans rival as well. The two choco-based cakes were okay.

On the way home, we saw a table of breads and cookies in Bizu. These were selling at 30% off. Remember, I am a sucker? Got some for breakfast today. The ciabbata was good, the pesto foccacia even better. I did buy pan de sal but have yet to try it along with the sweet dough something. Note that the pan de sal are huge, and the breads we had today remained soft despite the time lapse.

Told friends re Jipan and one of them had never heard of it. She asked where this was and when I mentioned Glorietta and SM Megamall, she said “Oh I don’t go there.” I told her I go to either mall just for Jipan bread. She was taken aback..



4 thoughts on “Grace Park beyond Caloocan and then some

  1. No, it’s okay, malapit na kaming lumuwas, ako na bibili (hehehe, promding-promdi).
    I asked about TLJ kasi ang cute nung mga cakes nila. Thing is, yung sa isang bakeshop na gusto namin ang bread (starts with a letter B), masarap breads nila, but their cakes taste blah. Mas masarap pa ang Goldilocks. Baka mamaya ganun din ang TLJ.

    • Hi TPS. I’ve tried some breads of TLJ but Jipan’s we prefer more. Even after a month of freezing, when we heat and eat it, it tastes like new. Next time I go there, I’ll get you some. I’m sure they’ll be deformed by the time you get them but you’re so creative/innovative, I’m sure you can do something to make them look presentable. 🙂

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