Benjamin the Beagle (24 December 2008-15October 2013)

He’s gone. He has moved on to Dog Heaven. Months ago he had surgery.  A huge kidney stone the likes of which the vet said they had never seen was removed. In fact the vet said they’d send it to the US. We haven’t heard what became of that stone.

Last Sunday, early afternoon, son saw B trying to pee without success. As vet nearby was closed, we said we’d have him checked Monday. But by Sunday night, maids were worried. B didn’t seem well. So husband and son brought him to a 24-hour clinic in Kalayaan. The vet tried to draw out urine but wasn’t too successful. He injected B with some medicine and sent him home. Yesterday a.m., husband brought B back to the clinic. He could no longer walk. He was opened up and it was evident the bladder had collapsed etc. Last night we visited him, he was lying on his side. He had IV on him. As we touched him, he moved his foot even as he lay on his side.

At 8:47 the vet called. Last night B ate a little and tried to stand. This a.m. they tried to feed him again, he fell on his side. He was gone.

Last night I was so peeved. HHA said B wasn’t going to last, she said. I was crying then and I got mad at her for saying so. There I was feeling sad that B was sick and she had to rub it in.

Goodbye B. Thanks for the memories.

October 2013 has brought a string of misfortunes for us. Nights back, husband’s dad called. There was a fire near their residence. Luckily the fire was put out and didn’t reach them. Last Friday we had that accident in EDSA. Now B.

They say bad things come in threes. After EDSA, I was hoping the saying was bad things come in twos. Then I realized after thinking that – that the saying is threes.

Hopefully, that’s it for now.

So sad. To dogs in a year and the most beloved at that: Guia and now Benjamin… Both of them closest to son, both of them closest to me. I had them on the bed with me at one time or other to be petted.


Son was out when Guia passed away. The maids then said there was no place to bury him in in our garden. This time, son is adamant, B stays close by… He’ll be buried in the garden or what’s left of it.

Will try to attach a video given by the breeder from whom we bought Benjamin. This was the first time we saw him. he stood out even then.

A few notes:

Yesterday, when B was in the clinic, his buddies here at home just slept away. Today, they’re still sluggish and didn’t eat at all. They keep smelling half of the dog crate he used to lie down in. HHA also shared that after Guia passed away, the dogs behaved similarly. Sluggish and they kept visiting the dog gate which was close to where she passed away.

Dogs are truly sensitive creatures. More so than some humans. They mourn for their buddies.



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