A Day of Pluses and Minuses

I wanted to get out of the house badly. To get my mind off Benjamin the Beagle. Yesterday I got a text from Wheelmobile saying it was free – would I like to hire it? I said I’d confirm this morning. They texted this morning I said yes. With no agenda in mind really except to buy medicines. It’s sick bay in the house again – we are all coughing and sniffling. from mourning and then some.

First stop was Howard’s where I got a white trash can at 30% off. Then True Value for floor rugs, LED bulbs (buy one take one) and boots for HHA. So expensive but the cheaper boots were too big. The one I got had a design. I was so not in the mood that it was only now (here at home already) that I realized the prints on the boots are of Benjamin’s paws, well sort of.   Earlier I had been mulling over going to Megamall to find boots for HHA who’s allergic to laundry water(?) but I was not in the mood for the place.

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 5.22.41 PM

After TV, lunch at Pho (Bac? Hoa?) whatever. Noodles and fried lumpia.

Mercury was next. Aside from the medicines I decided to get a nebulizer that son could use in the car. Has a rechargeable battery. Brand – Pulmo Mist. Locally made. But more expensive than Pulmo Aide. Hope it’s durable. Made by Mercury’s Medical Center Trading Corp arm. The price difference I guess can be attributed to R&D? Or economies of scale? Whatever. At least it can be plugged in the car’s cigarette whatever;  it has a rechargeable battery etc. It even has a nose piece.

Went to my favorite store. Yes, blind item lest someone get reprimanded. I chose two note pads because the ones selling said they were at 50% off. I also got a folding brush. Total, P600 plus. No, I’m not boasting. That info is necessary for what transpired next. I asked if the brush could be wrapped. Guy said only purchases of P500 could be wrapped. Brush was P295. Did I want them wrapped altogether? I said just the brush. He said cannot be. I said but the total is P600 plus and I won’t have the notepads wrapped. He shook his head. I asked if I could talk to the lady behind the counter. He shook his head again.

Guess what I did? I wheeled out. The brush had been punched earlier but the cashier didn’t know what was going on because the guy had left to verify whether the note pads were being sold at 50% off. The cashier didn’t know he was back. Really disappointed there. And the notepads weren’t being sold at 50% off. Same brand as the gift tags that were the ones sold at 50% off. The store? They sell Denman brushes on the ground floor. And it’s my favorite store. Oh well.

At Toby’s I wanted to buy a shirt for a godson. Man showed me medium. I said I needed small. Without batting an eyelash, he said no stock. I asked “you won’t check?” He just looked at me. Okay, so I wheeled out again.

But Travel Club was a different story altogether. A few days ago, son bought BackJoy and he said it was a good experience. Husband was envious but didn’t want to use son’s as he’s heavier. So I bought one for husband to use when he works here at home. Later I thought I should get another for son to use when he’s home or driving. He left his earlier purchase in the office. By then I was in the East Wing so I thought I should go to FLight 001 instead. And happily, the personnel there are a pleasant lot. “Welcome aboard,” they greeted.Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 5.39.53 PM

Second to the last stop was Green Pastures, 4th level of EW. Son had eaten there and enjoyed the experience. As I was waiting for my order, I was blogging the first few paragraphs above in my phone, hence the so many errors earlier but already corrected now. Before long, someone from GP greeted me. He looked familiar and I asked if  he  were from CYMA. He said yes. He’s currently on loan from Cyma which is a sister company of GP. He asked to see my orders (he checked the receipt) and assured me they were all good. Can’t wait for son to come home so I can check whether GP is as good as bruited about. Note, I bought salad among others. And it’s the most expensive item I got. Had I known. I hope husband and son finish it. Otherwise, 😦 Okay I’ll help them. Get one leaf, maybe.

Last stop was Blue Kitchen for tocino, chorizo, tapa and chicken a la kiev. Haven’t ordered from FB for a spell because I’m still sulking from the huge price difference between the Brownie Brittle I got from FB and that which I saw in Candy Store at Power Plant. BK’s personnel are nice people. Earlier I had the stuff prepared already so I’d just pay and pick them up later. The personnel who had attended to me was on her way down the escalator when she said she saw me heading for BK. SO she postponed going down and came back to attend to me.


Today’s WM excursion was not completely bad nor good. Here’s one last story.

After the traffic light in Santolan corner Katipunan, guess what? The MMDA waved the driver to the side. Number coding. But Mang Roger assured me it was all right. He had an exemption card for the vehicle. But he said he’d just show it if the MMDA guy couldn’t appreciate the fact that one passenger was in a wheelchair. The MMDA guy listened and said the emergency light(?) of the vehicle should have been turned on. Yikes. Did I look like I needed to be brought to the hospital?

A confession: earlier, I was mulling over the possibility of getting a new beagle. But my google search was too hastily done and yielded impossible results – like there were some available in Caloocan, Batangas, Nueva Ecija. And the prices were steep, starting at P7k.

Oh well, like son said, Benjamin is in each of the 7 (of the 8 dogs) left. But I think I already said that in my previous post.


Wait, I forgot to mention the placebo I got for myself. This:

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 6.06.28 PMYikes why is the image so huge. And to think I’ve just lied. This was what I got actually:

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 6.07.59 PM

The huge flower might look over the top but it’s not. Promise! In fact when I was trying it on, another customer, a young lady said, “Nice siya.” I smiled and thanked her and said, “Get one for yourself.”

Oh, but brace yourself for another sale story. I was using the same brand’s bag. Clerk said, “Buti nabili niyo yan nung sale?” I said “Nag sale ba? Regular price ko nakuha.” Ugh, I guess I look like I could only afford goods on sale.

Anyway the brand is such that I don’t mind if I paid the full price for it because the workmanship is so clean – no loose threads, residue this or that.

The bag:

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 6.14.39 PMI wish. This color was never available in Manila though and is even unavailable in Amazon from which I filched the photo.

The bag for real:

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 6.15.59 PMThe color lifts my spirit so there.

AN aside: back in 1982, when I was undergoing therapy, was made to stand on this board with braces on my legs. I think it was a tilting table? The angle was increased each time I went. At one point I felt dizzy looking at an orange beam in the clinic where the therapy was being conducted. They say orange is supposed to be a healing color but back then, that’s now how it seemed to me. End of story. End of post.


Told husband about the incident above: the blind item he said I should reveal – Rustan’s. He said perhaps if a different personnel had attended to me, my request would have been granted.



2 thoughts on “A Day of Pluses and Minuses

  1. Nakaka-frustrate yun experience mo sa Rustan’s. One of the reasons why I love Rustan’s is that their staff are intelligent and do not just blindly follow orders, but what happened to you clearly shows na hindi lahat ng staff ay bright.
    Speaking of bright, that orange bag is calling my name. Dapat magbibingi-bingihan na ako. 🙂 Hahahaha!

    • Di ba? The color is so fetching. I think it’s not as big a hit as the blue one because it’s the only color still available. Or does that mean it’s popular? It’s price went down by nearly half before but now it’s double. Confusing signals there.

      Re Rustan’s, I guess concessionaire’s personnel? But still, considering he was in Rustan territory…

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