Las Flores the second time around

Son wanted to eat something Spanish. Then he specified “cheese”. I suggested Terry’s. NR (no reaction). Tried Las Flores? He said yes. So off we went after calling to reserve a table though I think walk-ins on Sunday noon are safe. There was just one other table occupied when  we got there. A long table though.

The cheese and meat platter (tabla mixta) was good. And so nicely arranged. It had grapes and walnuts in addition to the cold cuts and cheeses – I think the cheeses included manchego and blue cheese at the very least. But don’t trust me on that. The cold cuts were special ones – I won’t even attempt to write what they were. There were four bruschettas in the platter as well.


Ordered the tenderloin atop the bread on which was spread some applesauce. And on top of the tenderloin? Foie. Yummy. (angus and foie minis)

Husband ordered beef stew (fricando). I chose believe it or not, hake fish stew in marinara sauce (zarzuela pescado). We had paella with pork (paella de pancetta cerdo). All good. The fish stew especially. It had clams and mussels  in it.

For dessert we ordered the ricotta thing – a very Spanish dessert, we were told (Mel i mato). And guess what? We were given chocolate ganache (xocolata, pa, oli i sal) on the house.


We’ll certainly be back. Aside from the superb food, the view is so relaxing a condo with lots of foliage. Nice.


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