A Little Love Never Hurts

Oops that’s not me thinking aloud. That is the title of the Koreanovela I am watching now. In downloaded form but I looked for this particular segment of Episode 8 so I could share it with you. It’s about a father who was unfaithful, his two daughters and one son, the latter born out of wedlock. It’s about a devoted husband of one of the daughters. It’s about his friend who, unknown to him, is the lover of his sister-in-law. It’s about the older sister who’s a pillar of strength, decency, maturity and has a loving husband. It’s about a son who is a bit lost but loves his father dearly.

Very moving cut of the episode, I think.



Incidentally, the ideal husband/dad who’s in the last scene – I once saw a telenovela where he was the male lead and I thought, why he? Physically, he didn’t strike me. But in this series, he’s so engaging – I guess personality/character counts for a lot and enhances one’s looks?


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