Goddess of Marriage and Scandal- Koreanovelas

Two Koreanovelas that ended at the same time

Initially I preferred GOM to S because S was so full of rancor, recriminations, and revenge. But somewhere along the way, more positive emotions developed and I was smitten. Of course the 3 Rs were still around but were somehow obliterated by more positive turns. 

Scandal – it started out on the wrong foot for a man and a woman – the woman was about to get married, but she went to Jeju Island where she met a man who swept her off her feet. Lust more than love there. The woman I think was so self-absorbed, wanting things to go her way all the time. Her fiance was enamored but also had certain set ways because he belonged to a chaebol family, the woman did not. She was a writer. Most of the episodes revolved around the problems of non-assimilation into a chaebol family or being part of one. I will give a spoiler her because I was so disappointed. After the man and woman married occasionally the woman would bump into her fling-partner and they’d have coffee and a talk. The woman was cold toward her husband until Episode 33 where she showed she cared for him. But in a 36-episode series that’s way too late, right? The husband apparently loved his wife more than vice versa. It was just that much as he loved her, he had to live according to expectations of a chaebol’s son. And so in the end… the catatonic lover smiled and you know why. The divorcee who was so smitten during the fling now looked tentative. I think the writer was confused and really didn’t know how the story should go. Oh well. Luckily the series had a good-looking male lead who didn’t get the girl though. I kept hoping till the end.

Sad for Tae Wook.


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