Weeks ago, had lunch with a high school classmate. She possibly thought I needed to have my face done by saying she was using Jessa soap that help rid her hand of a wart, She pointed out one on her hand to me. And it really looked like my freckles on my nose and cheeks. What’s the difference? I don’t really know – they look identical.

Jessa soap. I’ve never heard of it but since I’ve not been to the grocery, I’ve had no chance to look for it. I thought she might be mistaken and that the name of the soap is Kissa actually. I must do some research soon.

After that mention of warts, I was suddenly conscious of seeking professional help. And yesterday, when we were in Trinoma, I saw House of Obagi. Hmmm… the trip to Trinoma had been quick. It occurred to me, should I hire the Wheelmobile to go to House of Obagi soon? But the list of procedures it offered was so daunting it occurred to me that they’d recommend I go through each one. Perish the thought. 

Then tonight, I got this text:


The universe is conspiring against me, I thought, besides which Mercury is in retrograde, right TPS? I read the message aloud to husband and son said, “I got that too.”

Ah ok, I was reassured, I was not a specific target. Whew.

But look at the message – it says “in just 1 treatment”! Uhmm, tempting. But won’t be tempted. Might cost an arm and a leg.



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