Odds and Ends

Got a box of this in S&R Aseana (Roxas Boulevard) and regret having bought only one box. It is so good. You might want to grab a box if you find it wherever. Can’t remember how much it cost, though.Image


After a long hiatus, heard mass in the parish this morning. A former friend asked why I was alone. Technically I wasn’t – HHB was with me. Did I have to explain myself? Makes me wonder whether I ought to hear mass in the parish again. Some people are just so nosy. Oh darn, on hindsight, I should have said, can’t you see I’m not? Reminds me of a showbiz personality’s FB status where she recounted how a relative called her to ask, “Patay ka na kuno?” (you’re dead na daw/raw?) years back. Some people can be so annoying/aggravating.


Had a haircut in Studio 545 (?) in Shang. Different look for a change. Actually, I had my hair trimmed already and it was being colored when I saw one of the employees whose hairstyle I liked. Told the person who was coloring my hair that I liked the hairstyle of her co-employee. Sheila, the colorist, advised that I have my hair cut like her friend’s. I asked if Mike wouldn’t mind, considering that he had already cut my hair. Without my asking, Sheila told Mike that I wanted the other’s hairstyle. Mike obliged! And contrary to an earlier plan that I go home with my hair unshampooed (ergo – still shimmering from the dye), I decided to have a shampoo in the salon and was so happy I decided thus. Husband and son lifted me on to the shampoo seat and I so enjoyed the reclining position and the shampoo by Sheila. Felt so good and pampered. I hope for a reprise, but will I be “daring” enough? Maybe, that’s not the word, really. Eager and willing? Re my hairstyle, it looks good now but whether it can be replicated here at home, hmmm…. that’s another story. The haircut and coloring were so called for. I saw photos of my salt and pepper hair and it looked really ugghhhly and messy.

Tip I gathered from the salon: See, son and husband had to carry me out of and into the wheelchair to the shampoo chair. Inevitably, some of the dye in my hair went to son’s T-shirt. I was worried as it was a new one (new as in bought yesterday) and I could sense son’s irritation. I asked Sheila whether there was a remedy and she said there was. She put some spray net on it and when we got home, HHA washed the shirt and reported the stain was gone. HHA insists, though, that even without the spray net, she could have rid the shirt of the stain.


Had lunch at TWG in East Wing. Son ordered a set meal – summer quiche et al. Husband ordered beef stew, I ordered ribeye. Son’s and husband’s were good, my ribeye was tough and chewy. I had given a small slice each to husband and son who recommended I have it replaced. Son said he just swallowed the portion I gave him after chewing it didn’t yield whatever. Husband said he “spat” it out. I said I was still chewing the slice I had put in my mouth. That bad. I called one of the personnel and before long, another came and said he’d replace the dish with another that was made out of tenderloin and not ribeye. The ribeye, he informed me, does have the tendency to be chewy because of the ligaments. I asked how long it would take – he said 10-15 minutes. I said okay. But in the meantime, husband was telling me to get from his stew and son from his quiche. So I filched. And my hunger was assuaged. I thought of having the tenderloin  wrapped instead but it looked inviting. So I tried it – less tough than the ribeye but still not tender. Oh well, I guess if I want beef in TWG, it will have to be the stew.

Son’s quiche came with tea and orange juice, as well as scones and mille de feuille. Wrong spelling, I’ll bet. All very good actually. And we ordered 3 macaroons – Napoleon variant. I was a good girl and didn’t order more. Scones are like shortbread. These were served with whipped cream and jam. the MdF is like napoleones. it was green tea flavored so I got the top and the bottom. Tried the green tea part, not bad, but I couldn’t imagine “eating” green tea. Here’s a photo of mille de feuille. I just got this online so it doesn’t depict what the green tea one looks like.



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