Weeks ago, I had lunch with a friend who sells semi-precious stones.  She was wearing a pearl necklace in the middle of which she had a semi-precious stone dangling. For a change of look, occasionally. The semi-precious stone pendant could be put on/removed as one wished. Great idea.

Then she furthered: she hooked a precious stone in the stem of her stud earrings so it dangled down her ear. Another look. I was impressed!

Yesterday, I went to a jewelry shop. The lady showed me several sets of earrings. One had a removable center, erase, erase, had a removable border so one could just wear the center portion if one wished. Or one could use the center with the border. Another pair of earrings she showed was a creola. As I had earlier expressed interest in pearl earrings which they didn’t carry at all, she suggested that I could get the creola and they could fix old pearl earrings to dangle from it.

Is this an old idea? I haven’t looked at jewelry in stores for a while, so pardon the ignorance.

Below is a picture that more or less approximates the idea I’ve been describing.  I say more or less, take note. Image From this site


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