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The week past saw son at home as he had scheduled his leave to coincide with his father’s so we could vacation together. That done, he spent the remaining day of his leave at home.We were having breakfast together when he asked, “Di ka na nanonood ng TV?” I said no. He asked further, “kahit Unang Hirit?” I said not always, not all the time. Very rarely. Watching telenovelas online is more entertaining. I do watch Eat Bulaga if I want to relax while eating or if I’m done watching my Koreanovelas but after lunch, I turn off EB as well.

Now this brouhaha about Arnold Clavio’s semi-rudeness (per some) or complete rudeness to others. I failed to catch that although I did a portion of the interview. But I did watch the full interview online.

Wow, I cringed. I realized how rude I can be sometimes when the person I’m talking to on the phone (Citibank, Globe, etc.) could be exasperating. It was a wake up call to me – the way Arnold was challenging Villamor, the way he ended the interview. It gave me a sense of deja vu and it made me feel bad about having done the same to some person I was talking to over the phone who gave me  unsatisfactory answers. I’ll try to be more patient in future though I’m not sure I will be a hundred percent successful because while the spirit is willing, the flesh can be weak.

AC can be arrogant/biting/caustic. Sometimes such attitude is called for, sometimes it appears to result from hubris merely. Re this latest incident I have ambivalent feelings. Well rude he certainly was, but did the lawyer deserve it? In truth and in fact, I couldn’t follow the interview because it kept going round in circles or seemed like a tennis match at the very least. Perhaps that was why AC’s hackles were up, the interview was going nowhere. Perhaps had Winnie Monsod been the interviewer, she’d have said the same things but in not as rude a tone?

I’m guessing.

Like Wally Bayola, will AC take a leave of absence? Will he be suspended?

Doubt it. This morning, I started watching UH at around 6 a.m. I waited and waited for the interview to be talked about. AN hour later, still nothing. So I turned off the TV. But I did note how amiable AC was, cracking light jokes about anything and everything except for yesterday’s incident. He even interviewed TomDen – a clear departure from his usual role in UH, showbiz not being his metier in the show, though in TOnight with AC he does interview showbiz personalities.

Tomorrow he might issue a statement in UH about the interview – if I read an announcement in GMA’s FB status earlier today to that effect. Will I watch it?

AC”s now infamous interview with Atty Villamor follows:

Click here

Listened to the interview a third time. AC was clearly out of line in my opinion.

And in a gesture of tit for tat, Vice Ganda spoofed AC who had chided VG months back for making fun of Jessica Soho.  Check this out.

Update: click this link to view AC’s succinct/terse apology.


2 thoughts on “TV Watching

  1. Thank you for making sense of our occasional, seeming rudeness because the other party “deserves” it. We Filipinos, at least many of us, are too nice or were brought up to be too polite for comfort, no? We want to be perceived as nice so we don’t speak up even if some instance warrants it. So tuloy natin ang “laban”?

    Re AC, his apology didn’t seem like one. It sounded so lame. Oh well, that’s his choice. And you’re so right about many anchors’ merely reading scripts, not listening, not being involved enough to ask decent, sane, relevant follow-up questions. Stretching their portion because they’re instructed to do so, even if they no longer make sense. 😦

  2. My initial reaction to AC was “ano ka, nagpapaka Tulfo? What for?” In the first place, the show, AC included, should have done research and the lawyer’s short statement–that he handles only the illegal detention case and that they are waiting for the court order for their appeal for bail (see, you can read it in 10 seconds or even less!)–would not have warranted a live phone interview after all. But then, they were on-air, live, so what to do? (Baka may galit sa kanya ang staff? Haha!) Stretch it. In AC’s attempt to make sense out of the interview, nagpaikot-ikot na lang siya. Tsk, tsk. Worse, later he asked for understanding (he used the word “pang-unawa”), not apology (“paumanhin”).

    Your reflection also made me think about my behavior. Hmmm, what gets into me is people’s not listening, not paying attention. They simply parrot the script given them; say or ask something not in the script and they’re lost. Sometimes when I give my order at the counter and the barista is obviously looking at someone/something else and makes me repeat my order because s/he doesn’t get it, I tell her/him “paano hindi ka nikikinig kung saan-saan ka nakatingin.” If I need to be rude to make people think on their feet, or just to simply THINK, and take their jobs seriously, I’d play my part well. Patience is neither good for our economy nor their character. >:-)

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