Apartment 1-B

Finally had a chance to try out this resto. But having learned my lesson months back, I called up around 10:45 to ask if a table was available. Aster said yes, there was. Whew. She said I could come between 11:30 and 12 noon. But around 11:05 I got a call from her saying the table was now ready and I could come even earlier. 

We got to One Rockwell where the branch we reserved a table at was. Aster welcomed us. Such a pleasant young woman, very helpful. What did we order?

Spinach and cream cheese samosas. This was really yummy. Hot and fresh when it was served. Son ordered a small breakfast of bacon and eggs. Husband had macaroni and cheese. I had pork chops with apple sauce.

Son didn’t let us try his fare but I guess it was okay as the first time he had gone to the resto, he had ordered its bigger share as he was with someone. Husband’s mac and cheese was superb, although a bit heavy. Lucky us that it was as he shared it. And even better, he didn’t finish it so we’re having his leftover for dinner.

My pork chop order was huge and generous. Thick too with fat on the side. Except that it wasn’t done pinoy style, not grilled in charcoal, for one. As soon as it was served, I asked for a second plate so I could just get one of two slices, a little of the mashed potatoes, a little of the veggies, a little of the applesauce. Of the portion I got, I still had some of the pork chop left over aside from the entire one. So that will be dinner tonight too. The pork chop was okay, not great. Maybe next time I’ll try the osso bucco. I didn’t get that as it cost more than twice the pork chop and I wasn’t particularly longing for beef.

The white toblerone cheese cake with raspberry coulis was good but not great. 

The macaroni was tops, hands down.



2 thoughts on “Apartment 1-B

    • Oh, thanks for the tip re Apartment 1-B’s cheeseburgers. Funny because until I told my son about it, all along I thought you were referring to Grace Park, Gaita Fores’s latest of which burger people rave about.

      Thanks for giving me another good reason to go back to Apartment 1-B!

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