Grocery shopping in Rustan’s near Christmas

Did that yesterday so a few “highlights” follow:

Bought quiche for dinner – the mushroom and sausage one. There was so little of the mushrooms and sausage I thought of having it for breakfast this morning, served with sausage. And it was a good idea. They complemented each other.

*Break: There’s no more showbiz talk show in GMA7? When I turned on the TV at 4, there was this movie starring Mr. Ghostbusters – I don’t know his name. Then afterward, I thought the showbiz talk show would follow, but no, it’s the show of Chris Tiu. With Bianca King and Moymoy Palaboy – the two brothers. Chris is a more confident host now than when he started. He’s very comfortable and no longer tentative. Great. But don’t showbiz talk shows have a market any longer?

Back to Rustan’s.

They had El Rey chorizo in huge packs. With approximately 19 pieces. Bought retail, the chorizos cost P150; the huge pack with 19 pieces costs P1799. Do the math.

They had pretzels – chocolate covered ones: dark, white and milk. They also had yoghurt pretzels (a different brand) but these were more expensive. Note that the photos below were taken from, ergo the sizes available in Rustan’s aren’t the same as those in the photos. 


Lamb was being sold at buy one kilo, get 500 gms extra for free. 

They had Twix and Snickers ice cream bars and Ben and Jerry bars as well as waitrose ice cream bars sort of.

A Goody mirror (hand held) that I got in PCX in Glorietta yesterday was also available at Rustan’s at the same price.

And a recommendation: if you’re into potato chips, try the blue (purple) potato chips of Terra. I thought these would taste like ube given the color, but they don’t. I had bought a pack weeks back and was about to try it when son said, “Ay, kaunti na lang.” I thought he’d not be interested in it because of its color, but he liked it. Come to think of it, he also liked the Terra sweet potato which didn’t excite husband, however.

Many interesting finds in Rustan’s actually.

Oh yes, there was this lady giving samples of a Spanish chorizo. She did this with an accompanying spiel – good for pancit, she said. I was aghast. And I remembered having seen this brand in Rustan’s Shang months back. I also recalled my deciding then not to buy it because the idea of Spanish chorizo in pancit didn’t compute. Chorizo canton with pancit, certainly. But Spanish chorizo? As the lady was giving out samples, I got one and decided it was indeed Spanish chorizo tasting and had I not gotten El Rey, I’d have gotten her product. But she kept reiterating that it could be used for chop suey, pancit, etc. I told her not to say that because it really seems to be an unthinkable combination. Oh well, maybe the brand is into fusion cuisine? 

And it being November already, there were baskets of goodies on display, and I guess, for sale. There was Marca Piña chorizo de bola as well. I got one small one lest its price go higher. I think it cost less a few weeks back. But I could be wrong.

I think that’s it? 🙂



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