Found in R2 of Power Plant in the section leading to National Bookstore, I had “ignored” the place the first time I saw it. Then son told me that he had checked it out and seen this bike horn that I might want for calling the HHs. Yes, I use a bike horn so that sometimes, when the pan de sal seller in a bike presses his bike honk, the HHs think I’m calling them. Why a bike horn? In the past I had this wireless buzzer but when there was a brownout, I had no way of calling the HHs. SO my sister thought of buying me a bike horn. And that’s how it has been for ages. But I digress.

Soon after son told me about the bike horn, we dropped by Pylones. He found the sound the horn produced too airy. Ergo, we left the store empty handed.

Then today, I was looking for bull clips for unfinished packs of chocolates or chips but found none in NBS. Son suggested we drop by Pylones.

They had two kinds of paper clips: one had a bird design, the other, a couple kissing. As the latter looked sturdier, I decided to buy it. A tad expensive at either P400 plus or P600 plus but I thought it was worth it.



As son knew I was looking for a pouch to carry card keys and door keys, he showed me a key wallet. I was about to get that when the store clerk showed me a cellphone case. I got that – less bulky than a key wallet. Look:


Son also found this which we need: a door stopper. Oops, I forgot to remove the plastic when I took the picture:


Finally, found this brush which is similar in principle to that which Denman has. It’s more colorful though:


Pylones is one store that has a burst of colors all around. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience especially because the store personnel are patient and encouraging. They gave me this card and said I can call them anytime:







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