Finding a Passport Holder

There are so many versions available that one should be wary about deciding immediately after seeing one of them.

In Flight 001 has neon holders that didn’t appeal to son. So we proceeded to Travel Club.

At TC, the first version he saw was that which is colorful but not neon; it was beige with a blue trimming and had drawings of Reykjavik. Cost: P990. I think son thought of getting that as it was within his budget. But quietly, I didn’t think it was at good buy in the sense that son might soon tire of it.

So I asked if they had any leather ones. Clerk showed me Hedgren and Tumi. H host over P3k, Tumi cost over P7k. Tumi, if one didn’t have price as a consideration, was better designed because aside from the passport compartment, it had pockets for credit cards and bills even. So it was a wallet cum passport holder that one could put in one’s pocket. H didn’t have the bills compartment and was slimmer, ergo, son’s plan to carry both his old and new passport in it didn’t seem feasible. Below is a Google image of the Tumi passport case:

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 8.32.19 AM

When I mentioned to son my unease about his earlier choice, he decided to drop it, saying his friends didn’t have passport holders anyway. Clerk overheard us and told us about being careful as they had a customer who recounted how his passport’s details were swiped somewhere so that the person who did the swiping managed to get the customer’s room keys and steal from his room. or something to that effect. Then clerk told us they had this passport holder that has an RFID feature to protect the passport. He showed it to us. Brand: Travelon about which I had been reading in the broadsheets because its representative or owner had visited the PHilippines recently. The holder is basically canvass with leather portions for the credit cards. And it could accommodate son’s two passports. Best thing about it? It cost a little over P1k.




4 thoughts on “Finding a Passport Holder

  1. Ang ku-cute ng passport cases sa Kate Spade.
    Off-topic: may nabili akong Travelon na UV sanitizer light. Pwede sya sa mga public restrooms and other items that you wish to sanitize.

    • Really? Hmm KS passport cases? But I don’t have plans to travel on a plane any longer. I enjoy the experience but preparing is so stressful. Plus I have to bring HH and getting her a passport is so stressful. Still, matingnan nga ang KS passport cases.

      Travelon seems to be an okay brand no?

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