Gallimaufry on a Techie Note (well, sort of)

For days I had been agonizing about my failure to access my BPI account online. There were bills to pay. Yesterday, son said, “Try the BPI app in your cellphone.” I downloaded the app and voila! Success.

Moral of the story: even if BPI expressonline is not functioning, the phone app is. So do not despair.




LTE – husband had been contemplating on getting the gadget and unknown to us, he had done so from Globe in Shangrila. It surfaced when two nights ago, PLDT Fibr refused to work. We thought HHB had hit some cable in the room but when I called pLDT the following day, the person who took my call said it was down in QC and had been since the night previously. HHB was then getting something from the cabinet near the Fibr cable. Mere coincidence after all.

So does LTE work? The signal is not constant, hovering between 2g and 4g in our room where Globe’s signal for phone call is virtually nil. So I managed to watch half of HEIRS streaming, before the LTE signal went down to 2g. Having told that to husband, he decided to experiment and brought the contraption when we went to Ninyo. Near our gate, the signal was constant at 4g. Ergo, next time, if FIBR is down and you see someone with a laptop watching heirs by the gate, you know who it is. I kid about watching by the gate. Conspicuous consumption. Plus 8 dogs might join the fray.


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