Ninyo after a hiatus

Ninyo wall Ninyo steakIt has been quite a while since I had been there, chiefly because of the rain. My father constantly reminded us not to go under the rain lest we get sick and apparently that missive has become ingrained.Also, last month, son, husband and I were scheduled to have lunch at Ninyo with new friends but I failed to make it. My coughing was such an embarrassment I absented myself.

Then yesterday son texted that he’d have to work on Sunday, ergo no Sunday lunch together. In lieu of that I asked if he wanted to go out last night but he said he’d rest as he and his girlfriend would help in the packing of relief goofs early this morning. He suggested we go to Regis Center instead, via text. Then within seconds he texted “ninyo na Lang, I miss Ninyo.” And to think he was there a few weeks back. I immediately concurred, of course.

so husband wheeled me to Ninyo where it felt like home. Before long we were served bread and butter, and wasabi oyster. Then we ordered. Shortly after, son followed from work.

Husband ordered salad with raspberry vinaigrette and trio of skewers, son asked for tempura soba, I had ribeye with raclette cheese. I rationalized my choice, saying it had been months since I last ate at ninyo, takeout orders not counted, of course. We also ordered their latest concoction/offering – mussels. Two kinds: one cheesy, the other dynamite spicy. Those were really, really good!

Son was overwhelmed by the simplicity of the taste of the tempura and kept raving between bites, my steak was cooked medium to perfection and was tender. earlier while I was ordering husband reminded me re a waiter of TWG’s saying ribeye is not tender after I complained re my order. I said that was a cop out and ninyo’s ribeye proved me right. Prepared correctly ribeye is not necessarily tough. My dish was served with truffle risotto which was one reason I was enticed to order it. no regrets.

for dessert we had trio of creme brûlée which continues to be our favorite dessert at ninyo – it’s creamy and just right – I like the coffee flavored one most of all, son likes the chocolate one especially. Happiness.

on our way out we saw a gazebo with rosé petals on the floor. A couple was in it.

obviously, ninyo  remains one place where beautiful memories are made and celebrated…


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