Store Specialists Inc

Downloaded its app in my iPhone and realized only then how extensive its list of stores is. And only then too did I realize that TWG is part of SSI. Now I should pay my bills there using my Rustan’s Visa card so I can get rebates. IT was only a few months ago that I learned Muji is also an SSI store. After activating my app using my FB account, I got this in my inbox:


I must study this app seriously to maximize the benefits I can derive from it. Come to think of it, without Marks & Spencer, an SSI store, I wonder where I would source my clothes. No other establishment has my size. One problem in a sense, though, is having the same tops as some of my friends. This happened at an engagement party several years ago and has yet to be reprised in person. But I have seen some friends in pictures wearing tops I also have. One of these days, I expect a coincidence of sorts will transpire. I’ll try not to sweat about it as I didn’t when a similar incident took place some time ago. 🙂



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