Promise, I won’t do a YES magazine stunt here but will write merely from experience.

Back when I was small, Vir, my yaya cum cook, would prepare desserts unbidden and one of my favorites was kalabasa. No two preparations were ever the same as Vir was so good in the kitchen she never measured ingredients. But I loved kalabasa especially if this wasn’t crumbly but creamy. I think all she added was sugar? I’m not sure about the water. But kalabasa in a dish with other vegetables and even meat I never touched.

At my workplace, one of the boss’s friends prepared pumpkin soup. Everyone was raving but I just wanted to get it over with. I can’t recall how I survived that day.

Fast forward to the 90s. I had this HH Tess who cooked pinakbet which I tried, squash and all. I’d take one or two cubes and that was it.

Then in some resto, I tried the pumpkin soup and ever since, i’ve made it a point to serve this in my household once in a while.

his year, I’ve seen/experienced pumpkin in various new forms. At S&R the other day, they had pumpkin pie. I was about to buy an entire one when the merchandiser saw me hesitate and said she had samples. Was I willing to wait? I said yes and after some time, she handed me a bite. Uggh, it had cinnamon so I didn’t buy it.

Weeks back, I saw M&Ms in pumpkin flavor. This was sold to coincide with Halloween. I don’t think I got a pack. Scared.

But just this pm, I decided to try pumpkin pudding Kitkat which I got from Food Bin and it was okay. It tasted virtually like white chocolate, no cinnamon, and I have survived to tell you about it.




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