Growing Old Together

Had dinner with college classmates. We’re all in the 55-58 age range. And funnily enough, we all have the same problem: finding our way in an Ayala mall. We realized this when just before we broke up, we asked, “Where did you park?” And a couple said “Greenbelt 1, but how do we get back there?” Luckily another couple was parked in the same area so they led the way. Another couple said they were parked in GB 5. We were too but they followed the couples on their way to GB1. At first we did too but weren’t certain so we decided to just go on our own, husband and I. Before long, the other couple parked in GB called out to us. They realized we were no longer with them and  conjectured they were on the wrong path. One of the husbands said he cannot figure out why Ayala Malls are so complicated. Could it be our age? But almost 20 years ago, I couldn’t also fathom Glorietta. Luckily then my young HH had a better sense of direction so when I’d tell her to turn here so we could find our way back to Tower Records, she’d say not yet.

We shared how helpful WAZE is when driving in Metro Manila, especially when traffic is bad. Waze gives alternate routes. One of those present didn’t have Waze in her phone yet. We tried to set it up and succeeded in installing it. But it couldn’t find MM, always going back to Africa. 

Most of those present had Samsung phones/gadgets, the rest had iPhones. Those with Samsung complained about battery problems. I thought my Samsung phone before was a lemon but given tonight’s consensus, I realized it wasn’t.


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