Joy and Sam of Philip Stein

Yesterday a.m., son should be the keeper of his PS watch. It broke. It still has one keeper so no  immediate cause of concern there but being a bit OC, I called various PS stores. Some immediately said they had none on stock except for the SM North branch. I called again today just to be sure and was told to bring the watch there. SM North being a rare destination for us, I decided to call Podium. Joy was very helpful. She said to leave my number so that if they had stock in December, she’d get in touch with me. She asked for my number. I gave it.

Shortly after, I got a text message from her. I thought it was merely to verify my number. But here’s her message:

ImageWhat an angel! I called PS in 6750 and was reassured by Sam that they indeed had it. Oddly, yesterday, I called 6750 also but got a negative response. I’m sure it wasn’t Sam who took my call.

Hooray for PS customer service in SM North, 6750, and Podium (Joy)!!!



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