Philips Air Fryer

Months back, son was hinting on getting an air fryer. A friend of his had lost weight after using one extensively. That friend said french fries could be cooked in it sans oil and tasted good.

Even before that, I had actually looked into the possibility of getting one. Tefal’s was too expensive, I thought. And did it really work? I was skeptical. Then I saw Philips’ version selling at 50% off. I still wasn’t convinced. Then son entered his “plea”.

Luckily for me, while True Value’s promo of selling the PAF at 50% was no more, Rustan’s still had it. And I had enough points to buy ours at 50% off. Glory be.

Our initial attempts to use the air fryer were disappointing: rosti, among others. And so the thing was pushed into the back burner. A few months ago, I discovered PAF’s Facebook page and it made me think. But it didn’t move me enough.

In fact, when I saw a friend and texted to ask what he was doing where he was, I was in the Wm by then, he said he was contemplating on whether to get a turbo broiler or a PAF. I said get the turbo broiler. Without batting an eyelash. I also offered to lend him my PAF so he could try it before getting one but forgot to bring it when we met.

A few days ago, I saw a post in PAF’s FB page and saw a link to a chicken recipe. The photo was so enticing and the ingredients so few I tried it. It was good, though HHA wasn’t able to cook it to a crisp and it was a bit darker than the photo showed. Still the taste was superb. I read the ABOUT page of the blogger and liked what it said. I subscribed to the site and one of the recipes that descended on my inbox was this – a teriyaki saba fish recipe. Saba, I googled, is mackerel. As I wasn’t sure I had it but was certain about having salmon, I had HHA use the recipe with salmon fillet which was sans bones. Was because the teriyaki salmon has been devoured. Husband said it tasted like the gindara teriyaki he perpetually orders in Kimpura! So now I have to look for good quality gindara as the one in the supermarket is local and flakes/tastes differently. Son said gindara is expensive and I think he’s right. I actually saw sea bass in S&R but didn’t get it as it cost an arm and a leg, if I remember correctly.

As for PAF, go ahead and buy it and subscribe to to get really tasty recipes. After son tasted the teriyaki salmon and I told him it was cooked in the PAF, he said, “So you used less oil?” I said “no oil at all.” He was even more impressed.



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