Sale! (and then some)

I hate sales when they take place immediately before or immediately after I purchase something. It can be so depressing. Last Sunday I bought a few things in L’Indochine in SM Aura. A few days later, I got a text message saying they’d have a sale Thursday, 28 Nov or 4 days after I made my purchases. Thing was, I was in SM Aura yesterday. You can be sure I avoided reality – I avoided L’Indochine lest I see stuff I had bought last Sunday being sold at 10% or lower than the price I paid. Same goes for Amazon. Soon after I bought something, I received an email from which I learned that what I had bought is now being sold $30 cheaper. Painful to the ego and pocket….

At Kate Spade yesterday, some items were being sold at 25 to 45% lower than previously. Before I left, the girls there gave me a “magazine” of Rustan’s which was lovely. It had pictures and prices of a few items and in the inside page cover was a flap with a P1000 coupon one could use on a purchase of P5000 at least. That translates to a 20% discount! I wish I had more copies of the magazine. Though seriously, I’m not even sure I could use it before it expires at the end of the month.

I guess the moral of the story is to postpone purchases near end November when Philippine stores have a semblance of the Black Friday in the US when prices are slashed significantly. Will I remember that next year? Of course there’s no guarantee that what one wants to buy will still be available then or if it is available that it will be part of the goods sold at big discounts.


At Shangrila East Wing, LG level is a store whose name escapes me. But what hasn’t is that it sells wine, vinegars and oils! Can you imagine that? All sourced from Germany and sold in quantities of 100ml or more. Bottles are also sold to accommodate such volumes. The person who attended to me made me try the best balsamic vinegar on sale: P760 per 100 ml. Just as he described it, this vinegar which had been aged for I forget how many years, was not too sharply sour (?). It was very good. They had pistachio oil or was it vinegar, raspberry oil or was it vinegar? etc. Variants I had never yet come across. The bottles came in different shapes and can be personalized. Very interesting. Maybe next time I’ll be brave enough to buy something. Incidentally, the person who attended to me explained when he saw I was aghast that the bottle wasn’t free that after buying the bottle, one can just have it refilled next time. So there.

That store is beyond Maple, immediately before one turns to the elevator.  The store is called Vom Fass. Watch a video of the store here and be impressed


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