let’s eat

No, I don’t mean that literally. That is the title of a new Koreanovela (Episode 1 in gooddrama.net). It is about a compulsive eater who wants to try everything she sees that looks yummy. Reminds me of me. She lives alone though and is judicious enough not to order a dish that was good for 3 or 4 people in a resto that doesn’t allow takeout. It is a bit hysterical, the series is, a tad quirky but has a lot of hilarious scenes. I hope it is able to sustain this and will not revert to melodrama eventually.

One of the male leads seems like a conman who takes calls from goodness knows whom and tells fibs like he’s playing golf when he’s in the elevator, that he’s on the road when he is in the corridor of the condo where he lives, etc. The lawyer boss of the eating lady is quirky as well, a narcissist. A neighbor younger lady of the eater comes from a formerly rich family so she knows whom to call for a fee to do chores. 

No “normal” character yet so far, maybe except for some characters with no speaking lines.

Let’s Eat stars the wife of the second son in You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin and the arrogant doctor in My Daughter Seo Young. Them, among others:



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