One Warm Word


So goes the title of a Koreanovela recommended by Susan. Thanks, Susan. Watching the 3rd part of Episode 1 and I cannot now count how many times it has made me smile, chuckle, reflect. So many things happening, so many funny remarks, it’s incredible. There was the look of disbelief/incredulity in the mom’s face when she was singing paeans of her son-in-law and said, even mentioning, “Good if he had an affair” because her daughter, the wife, seemed so uncaring of him and another daughter said pointblank, “He cheated!” That was priceless. So was the look on the philandering husband’s face. He then interjected that it was five years ago but then the mother-in-law said “once, ten times, it’s all the same”. She added: “Affairs cannot be forgiven. It comes back forever. You cannot forget it.”  Hopefully, her statement will help people watching to empathize with those who have been through it and cannot still “move on” despite how much time has passed, how forgiveness may have been extended. When her husband asked how she could know that when she hasn’t experienced it, she said, “Do you know it only when you have experienced it?” Good point there. Another off the cuff remark she made, still in reference to the affair: “A rag is still a rag even after washing it.” Woohoo!

The series has so many familiar faces – the stoic architect (Lee Sang Woo) in Goddess of Marriage who here has more facial expressions than in that series and it’s only the first episode; Ji Jin Hee, the OC character in He Who Can’t Marry; Park Seo Joon, the cute third son in I Summon You Gold; Yun Ju Sang who must be the Eddie Garcia of South Korea given the many roles he has essayed in Koreanovelas though he’s always good and not a meanie like EG sometimes: Iris, I Can Hear Your Voice, School 2013; the mom in You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin, etc. The list is long.

Wonder how this series will turn out in the end and how long it will last. If it is able to sustain the tempo it will succeed. The actors and actresses are all competent, even the little girl/daughter of the couple with marital problems.

Thanks again, Susan, for calling my attention to this series.


After watching the first two episodes, I realized this is heavy, serious stuff. Come to think of it, marital infidelity is no laughing matter. Still, I shall watch this, curious as to how things will pan out eventually.


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