A young boy

At mass yesterday was this young boy, maybe 7 or 8 years old, maybe younger whom I’ve seen him grow up care of the masses in our parish. This very good looking boy  looks up to his father and is forever with his dad while his mom and younger sister sit elsewhere in church. I guess mom and sister get off the car while dad parks and little boy who dotes on his dad keeps his dad company. All the time, each time.

And guess what this little boy has the voice of an angel. I noticed it for the first time yesterday as he sang the refrain so clearly and enthusiastically, hitting the right notes all the time. it was so heartwarming.

I’m not sure though what his dad told him after the song as he suddenly looked sullen. Maybe, dad said not to sing too loudly? The song which I shall forever associate with him is this one. 🙂


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