Fresh in Solaire

Last Sunday we had lunch at Fresh in Solaire to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Just the three of us, no complimentary cake even as Fresh requires three days’ notice. Not to worry, son said. There’s plenty of dessert in Fresh. And he was right, of course.

We had the lunch buffet and while I reserved, I needn’t have. The place is so huge one cannot possibly be denied a table in Fresh. Food quality? Okay except for the salt and pepper fish. I thought I was turned off by it because I wasn’t really feeling well but even son said before I could that it was a bit disappointing. the orange chicken was good. Fried rice was not too great. The Peking duck rolled in pancake was too scant to be noticed and they put too much sauce on it.

Lobster in mornay sauce was tops. Lobster is the main reason son wanted to eat in Fresh where he usually focuses on it when he dines there for work. And I can see why. So very fresh.

The dessert choices were varied and great tasting. I liked the buko pie and the tiramisu most of all. Cheeses and breads were aplenty.

Champagne, coffee and tea were bottomless – I didn’t get any of the three though and ordered Pepsi (no Coke in Fresh). If fast food chains water down their soft drinks, in Fresh, the concentration is such that I couldn’t take more than a glass though the soft drink was bottomless as well. I think husband had two or three glasses.

Service in Fresh is courteous and attentive.

Parking is free.

Do we go back? I see no reason why not. Cheaper than Sofitel’s Spirals.



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