Galbi and Green Pastures

We arrived in Shang at almost 1 pm today and son wanted to eat in Galbi. Husband and I heartily agreed. While the food was great as usual and service okay, when I gave my card to pay, it took them forever to give it back to me. In fact, husband had gone to the restroom and come back, still the card hadn’t been returned to me. Finally it came after I asked and when I wondered out loud why it took so long, the answer was, “Na tambakan.” Oh well, no tip there. When my time is wasted, I get peeved.

Green Pastures – having completed almost all of the things we set out to do, we were famished near 6 pm and decided to have an early dinner at GP, which son had tried months back and from which I had taken out food twice before. Those times, our friend from Cyma was on loan at GP which the same people own.

What a letdown GP was. True, when I had ordered takeout, it took forever. But when one is actually at the resto and it takes forever, it feels really long. Plus husband and son were with me so I felt even more stressed.  We ordered the pork pate, son ordered the organic mushrooms with cheese, husband ordered the fish and chips, I also ordered salpicao. Plus Pepsi for me and melon green tea (bottomless) for husband.

My pate came first. It was anything but smooth. Its appearance was like embutido. But it didn’t taste bad. Then husband’s fish and chips came. Then my salpicao. Son’s order was nowhere in sight. I told him to follow up. He did with the added statement that went something like if it hasn’t been prepared, just cancel. Soon after it came.

Food quality: husband said the fish and chips were so tasteless. He added lemon and malt vinegar, still not up to his standards. The chips were okay though. My salpicao was okay, especially the garlic in it which was quite tender and flavorful. Son was disappointed with his mushrooms. He said it was better when I had ordered takeout. And to think it looked a mess when I had brought home an order because a friend who was carrying the bag with the order in it was swinging her arms front and back, front and back, apparently exercising. I had been dismayed then but son had enjoyed it. He felt GP was such a let down today, especially after his normally quiet father said “walang kwenta dito”.

Then our dessert came. Taste wise it was excellent but the popcorn was a bit tough, so tough that when son tried to slice it, it flew a certain distance.

Service was spotty. Husband had asked for a refill of his tea. He had to remind two people for the refill to be served.

Oh well, perhaps it will take a while, or nevermore for us to go back to GP. So why have people been raving about it? The servers for one don’t seem to be taking their job seriously. Again, oh well.

Aside: GP is beside a resto owned by Marvin Agustin, I think. Was it Sumo Sam? At any rate. there were two lady servers trying to move two tables around. And expectedly instead of lifting these, they dragged the tables and you can just imagine the squeaking sounds these made. Son was about to stand to complain but I held him back. Shortly after, a foreigner dining in GP looked at the ladies and said “shhh” loudly. Apparently the sounds similarly annoyed him.

Not a good day for the two restos today, sadly. At least where we were concerned.

Oops, husband said at one point that Cyma fare is better, but he did add that GP’s must be healthier, recalling the saying that if it doesn’t taste good, it must be good for you. Can’t a better balance be struck? I wish.


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