Jeff Luciano of Petron in Bagong Ilog Pasig


Jeff Luciano waved us to a filling pump not long after an ill-mannered driver of a vehicle suddenly drove back to where husband was about to go to have the tank of the car filled. And husband told JL how peeved he was. JL listened quietly and then proceeded to do his job of filling our tank. Meanwhile, I asked husband to ask Jeff for a Petron Value card for me as 737-8000’s operator always asks me if I have one so I could avail of a P10 discount per tank of gasul. Only once was I able to because then husband was home and with him his PV card. Anyway, as JL was waiting for the P1000 load to finish, he assured husband he’d give us a card. And he did, complete with very clear explanations on the card’s various features. Unbelievable.

Months back, when husband had gotten his  value card, the station hand hardly said anything but JL was very meticulous about it. He looked at the application form husband had filled up for me. He asked for my birthday, middle initial and contact number which husband hadn’t filled up. Then he told husband to be sure to remember the number to call for free towing care of the card, about the discounts for San Miguel products in Petron stores, etc. Impressive. Further, as husband was about to hand him P1100 for the diesel fuel and the card (a Petron value card costs P100), he said to just give him P1000. How’s that again? He explained that a value card contains P100 worth of free fuel. Ergo, we’d still have P1000 worth of fuel but only P900 worth would have to be paid for because P100 would be care of the load attendant to the card. Brilliant man.

Hope the Petron dealer of Bagong Ilog reads this and commends Jeff. He’s one in a million. Okay, perhaps that’s an exaggeration but you get the drift.

Hope JL’s attitude toward brings him places. He deserves it.


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