Sheridan in Shangrila and then some

I think I’ve bought from the store less than ten times, maybe even fewer than five. But the woman who mans the store recognizes me and always welcomes me with a smile. She had been transferred to the Power Plant branch before and then was assigned back to Shang. But she has remained the same.

This afternoon, when we went there, I almost backed out because she wasn’t there. In her place was a man who however rid me of my anxiety by attending to us very competently. I kept asking for a discount beyond the one already given but they (the woman had come back) said it wasn’t possible. Instead, they gave me a small pillow and a pillow cover, so these made me very happy.

Yes, they have beddings being sold at discounts these days. The quality of Sheridan’s products is really good. Plus customer service is outstanding. The man who attended to us said “Ma’am, papalitan mo na lang ng raffle tickets ang recibo mo. Kahit walang discount, baka manalo ka naman ng Mercedes Benz.” He even said I’d get twice as many tickets because I had used a Mastercard. here’s someone who knows his job.

In contrast, when I was in my favorite store to buy biscuits and a blouse, the lady didn’t know about the raffle when I tried to make small talk with her about it.


WHile waiting for the Christmas show to start at the atrium, husband suggested we go to Silver Vault for a look see merely. The person who attended to us was very pleasant, never mind if we didn’t buy anything. The pieces there are beautiful and installments of up to 24 months are allowed but …


Speaking of pleasant, Imelda of Shell Canvas Home on the fourth floor is both that and competent. Note that SCH doesn’t only sell fabrics but can link you up with Eric who can reupholster and make drapes. He does good work – years back I had our chairs reupholstered and he picked them up and delivered on schedule. Quality is good.


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