I thought of getting Pei Pa Koa syrup for my scratchy throat which had been bothering me incessantly, so where to go? V-Mall in Greenhills.  Plus Hha had been asking me to get a pot for her to boil water in. Not a kettle which is difficult to clean, she said. A pot.

She had been using the bottom portion of my turbo broiler for the purpose and I was aghast. She said she’d stop but who’s to say? some asides- yesterday I asked Hhb how the weather was because I wanted to hear mass. She said it was drizzling a bit. Skeptical I checked accu weather. And so we wheeled to mass under clear blue skies. Still another aside. Hhb said boy of our neighbor was going to borrow our long ladder to chop off branches of their trees that were encroaching on our property. Lo and behold when I went out to wait for husband who was bringing USO to greenhills what did I see? The boy using the ladder to cut off fronds from the palm tree in front of neighbor’s house- nowhere near our property. Arrgh. Good fences make good neighbors but our neighbor is anything but. He once screamed “I’ll pay you” several times when I complained about how his trucks were parking so close to our property it was difficult to back up as the trucks obstructed our view of the street. So even husband scolded hhb about lending the ladder and I hope she remembers that next time the boy asks to borrow it.

To go back to today. First stop was parking in front of v-mall. There are four slots for disabled people’s vehicles. Hooray. Second level. Then lunch.

husband wanted makati supermarket spaghetti so I ordered hum that with burger steak  – only p245 with iced tea and cornstarch soup.

I ordered three things – lengua, lumpia ubod and pancit Bihon. Instead of lengua I was given what to me looked like roast beef. Girl insisted it was lengua. Took a bite and said it was roast beef. She replaced it with lengua. Took a bite. It was tender. Got sauce. Tasted sour. Benefit of the doubt it wasn’t spoiled, I told myself. But didn’t finish the two slices. Lumpia was okay, bijon which cost p115 was good for 5 people, husband said. Hhb had adobo. When we went home I asked Hha to taste the lengua. She said it was sour, maybe because they put too much wine, she conjectured. I didn’t finish the lengua. Scared.

moving on, got peI pa Koa and another cough syrup. While I was in the Chinese drugstore a well-heeled lady asked for rhinitis tablets and got three bottles. I got one as a result. I wanted to ask her about it but was bitten by the shy virus. So…

while waiting for husband went toBritish India. Nice stuff, no size. Oh I forgot. After lunch went to unimart and got the pot for Hha. Cost only p300 plus and to think it had a glass cover. Got walnuts for banana cake And Gooey Chips Ahoy. Plus sugar free chocolates and granola bars for husband. How I wish I could shop in a more leisurely fashion in unimart. So many choices. But until anew hhc comes, this will not be possible.

before leaving for Greenhills this morning, was mixing the second batch of banana cake and was winding down when the hand held kitchen aid mixer that I got for p2.5k eons ago started making funny noises. Decided to get a new one at Gourdo’s in promenade. They didn’t have it in pink, though, just black and red. Got the latter though black looked really chic. Costs more than double now. Oh well. Hope to have a reason to use it soon.

that was it for today.


5 thoughts on “Various

  1. we’re “gillagers” – we’re outside the subdivision, so we’re exempt from good manners, I guess. :-p

    Re sweets – bawal because of the procedure/the ailment that led to it? 😦

  2. Hay you said it about our neighbor. So whenever I read in duolingo “Odio a mi vecino” – I can so relate.
    Re the pink KA, a store in Shang had it and I was hoping Gourdo’s in Greenhills too. Alas and alack, it didn’t. Only the bigger one was available in pink. Are you close to getting it already? Good that they now sell the 220v version. Back in the 70s I got a 110v one for P3500. It’s now rusted from non-use. We don’t have a 110 outlet anymore. 😦

    • From someone who is living in a village such as yours, I would expect someone with good manners or at least pretend to have good manners. Apparently, it (wealth=class) doesn’t follow. Oh, speaking of class, may kwento ako, pero email na lang. 🙂
      I’m not sure if bibili pa ako ng KA. Remember my procedure last month? Well, bawal na ako ng sweets. So I think I’ll stop baking na. 😦

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