A Night in a Studio

If you know my son, you would have readhis myriad posts re his traffic-related angst to the extent that he has gained quite a reputation for such. His ninong once suggested we get son a condo unit or tell him to drive along the bus lane going home. Suggestions galore, inputs, snide remarks, etc. have been elicited by his posts.

For some time, I mulled over renting him a unit near his place of work but he wouldn’t hear of it. When the rainy season came and going home meant going through flooded areas, I told him to book a room in a hotel but he refused. At one point, he had to go to his friend’s house to wait out the flood waters and traffic beyond that point. Luckily he was welcomed by his friend’s dad whom I texted about my son’s intrusion. Thank heavens for friends.

Then the opportunity to get a studio arose after several excursions in Google, phone calls to real estate brokers, etc.The catch: the studio had a tenant who was scheduled to leave January 2014. But the price was more than reasonable and so we decided it was well worth the wait/sacrifice. And then we counted the days.

In the early days of December, we got a call from the leasing office of the condo saying the tenant just barged into their office to say he was leaving that day! Weird, right? But somehow it was a blessing in disguise for us. Son has stayed in the studio for two nights since, we’ve parked in the accompanying parking slot and did so even when the studio had a tenant as the latter didn’t have a car. that time it was a case of “so near and yet so far”. It felt like -wow we have a condo and that was amazing but didn’t yet feel real.

Getting a unit and furnishing it has been no mean feat = this despite the previous owner’s having furnished it with a good bed, a good sofa, tables, chairs, a ref, a washing machine, a dryer, a stove, an aircon. Because one realizes one has to buy spare sheets, okay make that new ones as it felt a bit icky to use one previously used by a stranger. weird that it doesn’t feel that way when one stays in a hotel. Further, while the unit came with utensils, I saw the need to get a new set. New pillows as well and pillow cases, blankets, cushions, the works – again this despite the unit’s having come with all these. The icky feeling somehow.

And after a night in the unit, one sees the need for other stuff–it’s unbelievable. The realizations do not seem to have an end to them. One sees the need to also have cooking oil on hand, a can or two of sausage/luncheon meat, crackers, etc. Then it dawns on one that staying in a hotel is THE LIFE. Want ice cubes in the middle of the night? Call room service. Need new towels? Call housekeeping. And so on. With a studio unit of one’s own, one has to call someone to clean the place – general cleaning was suggested. The day after, husband sees agiw still on some portions of the wall. He also saw some out of order light bulbs in the cove portion. ANd the window’s handle(?) – broken. Yesterday, I felt so pooped thereafter.

Some photos taken on various days/nights:



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