Dining at Power Plant

Had a late-ish lunch at Franco’s on P1 yesterday. Son ordered Fish and Chips, husband had salmon on pasta, I had mushroom risotto and Angus sisig. So sue me. My choice was so rich I took most of it home. Franco’s was formerly Myron’s with a dressed down menu. No more foie on steak for one. 😦

Dinner, son had a date so I had dinner with husband only. He wanted something light. I suggested Milky Way also on P1. He ordered shrimp sandwich, I ordered chicken asparagus. Each half of the sandwich has three slices of bread cut into triangles. One layer has chicken and something green. The other layer has a big slice of tomato. I ate one portion. Great as usual. But wait, we also saw the enticing fruit salad (for husband) and Russian salad for me. I took home half of each of my orders, planning to binge on them at home today. But a security guard smiled at me and I recall a priest friend’s bringing home leftover food from dinner and giving it to the security guard who beamed. So I gave it to the smiling guard. It’s Christmas, I rationalized. I must get Russian salad from MW again someday.


Today late breakfast, okay, brunch was at Hatch 22 on R1 where Crustasia used to be. H22 is owned by Erwann Heusaff. If your showbiz knowledge is current, you know that EH is the boyfriend of AC and the brother of S. But he wasn’t there. Initially, while entering it from the entrance outside, we were told they were full. So we entered the mall. While waiting for the elevator, I saw three people exit from the resto. I told son he should go in and ask if a table for 3 was now available. He was moving so slowly I wanted to push him. Luckily, the guy who looked like the manager gave us a table. And the menus. Son had been there before. He recommended bread basked #1 but server said #2 was more popular plus it came with a hot chocolate dip – I had expressed curiosity over their having hot chocolate. The bread basket we ordered had Filipino breads: pan de sal, pan de regla but green, chicken empanada and Spanish roll. The empanada tasted like that from where we order – Bacolod style. I liked the Spanish roll. The chocolate dip was watery. It came with butter that had been whipped. That one was good. Son said we should order the first basket next time because it has jalapeno bread.

Son ordered Southern something which has sausage and shrimp wrapped in bacon with chili sauce. I ordered hatch omelette – very rich (again!) I won’t order it again, though tonight, while husband and son shared my leftover they enjoyed it thoroughly. It was served with focaccia bread, omelette with ham and cheese, and foccacia bread. Husband’s order was the best – tocino sisig. This should be promoted as Filipino fare instead of adobo. Look at the winner of a dish below:


And my order:



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