No, not the hotel but raffles where one wins prizes. Shangrila’s price is a Mercedes, I forgot what SM Aura’s is, and Power Plant’s is the best – a studio in The Grove.

The manner of conduct of each varies. For the SM Aura raffle, one is given instructions to log in and generate raffle tickets online. You can do this in the mall or go home and do it whenever. In Shang, the procedure is as it was ages back. You get raffle tickets and fill them up. PP’s before was same as Shang’s but today, I learned they had modified the procedure. Quite convenient. First they ask you for your ID to verify if they have your record. That done, they get your receipts and print out raffle ticket entries with your name, address, etc. All you have to do is sign the same. Bliss. It’s such a pain to be filling up raffle tickets. My the nth one my penmanship will have turned horrid. years back, I tried to do what my niece did – fill each entry really neatly. Why did I do that? My niece won a raffle and I thought she was blessed for her efforts.


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