last night, I was in the mall with HHB. Son was out on a date, husband was in the studio. And my iPhone had a battery charge running precariously low: 10%, 9%, 8%, 7%. I went to Power Mac but they didn’t have what I needed beyond the Milli I already have which has conked out. They suggested I go to Vertex or Mobile One. Went to Vertex but it didn’t have what I wanted. Mobile One was a turn off initially because the girl who first attended to me pointed out the choices on the wall instead of handing them out to me – which would have been normal, seeing that I couldn’t stand and reach them. Oh well, some people can be so insensitive. Then a smiling lady came over. And she said I looked familiar. I said “Were you in POdium before?” Yes, she said. Then she recalled the various interactions we had, my purchases even. She was simply amazing. She still is. Veron. So that even if upon going back to our unit when husband saw the exposed wires in the MPow, I just said I’d have it replaced. I wasn’t alarmed. I knew Veron wouldn’t give me a problem re replacing it. And she didn’t, as expected. Happiness.


Believing that when one isn’t feeling too well a haircut might liberate one, I decided to have a haircut. In Fabio Salsa. See my hair which friends have long admired as being straight is actually wavy – a number of hair cutters have said I have a “natural curl” somewhere. So my hair at the back has a waistline – never mind that my body which should have one doesn’t. And it peeves me when I see that waistline in the mirror. On my hair that is.

I looked for Rizza. She used to blow dry my hair – her main task in the salon. Then recently I learned she now cuts hair. I promised I’d have her cut mine soon but that soon came only today. And it was great having her do it because she listens and explains. I’m happy with my hair now which has been divested of its waistline. But reality will set in tomorrow, I guess when HHB or I will blow dry my hair. Oh well.



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