The zap card

Bought beach towels in Aquazorb after which we somehow veered toward the Globe office nearby. There we saw a kiosk with a girl promoting a red card. Zap. Very articulate she explained what it was about. Apparently she was observant. She either saw us in Aquazorb or noticed the bag with its label. She then said if we get a Zap card, we get a 10% rebate. What?! Incredible. She mentioned other establishments that honor the card though at different percent rebates. Still. So I go one and went back to Aquazorb. They tapped my card in their red contraption after which I received a text message informing me of it. I told son he should get one. He said he actually has one but has yet to pick it up. He also mentioned how someone treated out friends using Zap rebates. The thing with Zap rebates is that they’re not hard to come by. I’ve had my Bench card for years but cannot yet claim a rebate. Reflective of my infrequent patronage of Bench stores and company? Or reflective how difficult it is to earn rebates? both, I guess. But do get a zap card. Incidentally one has to affix one’s signature on its contraption that reminds me of Etch a sketch. My penmanship was awful. At one point, okay in two instances, my signature refused to register after two letters, because of my too light touch or my being motor senses challenged? Guess.


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