The service industry and then some

Had the studio cleaned Saturday. Yesterday, husband saw some agiw in the exposed area above the bed and when he checked the cove lights, the ledge containing the lights still had dust. Called 895 34**. Was surprised someone took my call before 7 a.m. I was assured they’d come at 130 pm. At 2:20 still no sign of them. Called again. Was told they’d come at 330. Two hours after the agreed time? Wow. And we weren’t informed? To think this service call was for them to finish their work well. The one I spoke with said the cleaners said there was someone in the condo while they were cleaning. True. Husband was there. And so? Regardless of his presence, that the agiw was still evident — is  that my husband’s fault? It’s not Halloween so the presence of the agiw is not justified, right? A pro should/would do his work well regardless of the presence or absence of supervision. Correct? Is this so very us? To work so haphazardly? So disappointing really. No wonder when I asked a friend who’s country head of a company in Makati, she said she does the cleaning herself. She’s not satisfied with how the pros do it. Another friend said “pwede na” – euphemism for “not that good”.


Reupholstering 4 dining chairs costs – hold your breath – P9271.50. Of that total fabric is P2180. Do the math, labor is P7800. I guess the rest is VAT? Why is labor so expensive? Because it entails pullout and delivery. Because the chair is difficult to reupholster. If the ones pulling out were not in the building yet, I’d have thought twice about having them do it. And of course there’s the matter of the chairs fitting the tables already in the unit in terms of size and color. The drapes will have to be put on hold then. Harang. Because I’d have ordered those from them too. 😦


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