The Ryzza Mae Show

Two of my sisters watch it more often than I do. I always forget, so immersed am I in watching telenovelas. But of the few I have watched, this is my favorite:

Guests were Chad Borja, Richard Reynoso, Renz Verano and Rannie Raymundo. A fun bunch who included Ryzza in the fun so there was no dead air at all.

Meanwhile, the episode with Vic Sotto had dead air – which I found strange considering that they work together a lot. Was it because RM’s energy level then was low? Or VS’s? I was disappointed. The episode:

The one with Gloria Diaz and Isabelle Daza had dead air too. This dismayed me as well:

In the past, I wrote that a talk show is as good as its guests. Maybe that’s why Arnold Clavio was irate when he couldn’t get much info from his phone patch in UH?

Though if the host were Winnie Monsod, would there ever be dead air?

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