Leftover Chinese Food and Chinese Food Delivered

Yesterday Christmas day, I missed the family lunch. Pressure sore took a turn for the bad after I sat so long waiting for cleaning  of studio to be finished then. I stayed out so I would not develop asthma from the dust and I guess since asthma and pressure sores are the banes of paraplegia, it was one or the other. Now I have both.

That said, I shall be off my butt for as long as I can stand this house/bed arrest. So aside from the Christmas lunch, I also missed lunch with sisters in Wang Fu, Ser Chief’s resto in Morato corner Roces in QC. Which was just as well, one of my sisters said. The resto is on the second floor and the building has no elevator. They gave me their leftovers: sweet and sour pork, corn soup, fried rice and a clam with patola dish that I thought was chopsuey. For lunch here at home, I decided to order takeout to give HHA a respite after the frenetic cooking/baking we did the past days… not as frenetic as in previous years which was just as well because we’re an HH less. Guess what I ordered for delivery: sweet sour pork (husband’s eternal favorite and standard for judging a CHinese resto), boiled chicken (feeling I wanted to eat healthy ?!) and sambal rice (with some trepidation – I feared it might be too spicy). Ordered via City Delivery (8787878). Resto: Boon Tong Kee in Morato.

Both restos have good Chinese food – BTK’s sweet and sour pork is sliced paper thin almost, WF’s is chunky which is the normal way sweet and sour pork is served. As for the rice, sambal was more tasty and not spicy. It had peanuts. The chicken of BTK – HHA spilled the brownish sauce. Luckily we had kecap manis which I bought from Santi’s months back. Cost an arm and a leg compared to Kikkoman even but lasts a long time – you don’t need to use too much of it. It’s dark, sticky and sweetish. Boiled chicken was breast part but not dry so I ate it heartily. As for the clam with patola, it was good. I didn’t mind eating patola.


Now an aside, no, make that two asides:

before calling 87878 for delivery, I tried calling Kowloon House in Diliman, Matalino St. Guess what, Loyola Hts. is beyond its range for delivery. I asked where they deliver. Guy said “sa tabi tabi lang”. How vague.

Then I called CD. I think it was a Joy that answered my call. My initial orders were just the sweet and sour pork and boiled chicken. Then she asked “how did you find out about CD?” I told her through a brochure but I’ve been ordering through you for a while. She countered, guess, “Thank you for that information.” Then she asked, “Do you know we have a promo?” I said “no.” Small talk – C trying to be friendly like Starbucks people? Then she said, “because it’s Christmas, delivery is free.” Thus informed, I decided to add sambal rice — because note, the delivery fee is usually 10% of total bill. She noted that down. Minutes after, maybe half an hour after, she called. She said “Ma’am I’d like to apologize. Minimum for free delivery is P800.” My bill was P700 plus. I said Can I add? I mean, even if my bill would exceed P800, at least I’d be able to eat whatever food I paid for. She was hesitant and said yes, but I had a feeling she meant no. So much time had passed it was likely the food was on its way. So I said never mind. Because of her remissness I paid P906 for food plus delivery. Paucity of product (service) knowledge is so rife in the country.


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