Roselyn and Ben, and Trixie May (All for Juan, Juan for All)

Roselyn was the recipient of Eat Bulaga’s All for Juan, Juan for All portion in November. Roselyn gave birth to a child years ago and shortly after, her spinal cord showed signs of weakness so she now uses a walker to get around. While thanking EB for the good fortune the show brought her, she mentioned she’d share a portion of it to her friend, one she made in the hospital – I’m not sure if this was the friend who had a pressure sore. The circumstances surrounding Roselyn and her friend are so close to home I couldn’t help but empathize.

Two other things that stood out in the case of Roselyn were these ones:

a. the friend in the hospital was asked for a message. She expressed gratitude to Roselyn and husband whom she said were very kind to her when she and Roselyn were in hospital. She had no one to take care of her so it was Ben who would hand things she couldn’t reach, etc. This is something able people may think trivial but which we, who can’t do many things for and by ourselves, really appreciate. To have someone anticipate some of our needs, for example during a meal when some dishes are beyond our reach, etc.

b. The husband of Roselyn didn’t just thank Bossing for the things they received but mentioned Jose and Paolo whose tiyaga and kasipagan he said were remarkable, citing how despite the distance of their place, the two came. I cannot remember any recipient of this portion making special mention of the two – it’s usually just Bossing they acknowledge.

Thanks EB for making life a little better for many people.

Sorry this piece is so disorganized. I almost scrapped the idea of posting it but for the two points toward the end which I think are crucial?

(Trixie May is the daughter of the couple who literally jumped for joy and clapped her hands when she saw the toys EB had for her. Her joy was shared by Ryzza Mae who expressed glee alongside her.)

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