POST-CHRISTMAS Thoughts of the Mundane Sort (don’t expect profundity here)

We have a guest later at 4. It has become a tradition. He was husband’s best friend in high school through college and has become the family’s best friend too, well, one of anyway. So each year, post Christmas, he comes. He is son’s godfather as husband is his daughter’s.

Usually I order pizza when he and/or some of his family members come. But this year I want to break tradition and serve something else. Yesterday I had husband buy some Melba toast from Blue Kitchen. I had hoped BK would still have some Cheez It crackers or Gorgonzola chips for my delectation. A friend had given us a jar of pate she made. Alas, they had run out so Melba toast it was.

Melba toast is such that if you keep it too long, it becomes rock hard. So it needs must be consumed, though I don’t want to serve friend the special pate. So what to do?

I googled and found this:Image

from this site. Having done so, I wish I had more time to choose which spread to prepare. Or maybe I should just make do with jams, cookie butter spread, peanut butter spread, and cream cheese spread topped with smoked salmon to make it just a bit special? I still haven’t decided.

Or maybe I should just heat some brownie or cookie  bars we received? oops, but I don’t have ice cream to serve it with? What to do, what to do?

Order pizza again?


A few days ago son was invited to a potluck party. Last minute he decided to get a bucket of KFC chicken. Party was held by a friend to diminish their supply of Christmas food gifts. A good idea, right?


Some weeks back, a friend gave us a box of fruits. Son went to another party and was sent home by a different friend’s dad with two plastic bags of the same kind of fruits. Apparently they were given the same, possibly by the same friend that gave us. It’s not just fruit cake that gets passed around at Christmas time. And guess what? We got just one this year, whew. And one box of the cashew tarts that were such a big hit way back so that we got boxes of those then. It’s popularity is waning. Brownies and other chocolate chunks now rule. Of that we received 3 boxes, I think.


Moral of the story – if you do give some food item come Christmas, keep it small. Chances are refrigerators will groan from over stuffing if everyone gave /received too much.

one of the most popular presents we got this year were Marks & Spencer chocolates and/or biscuits/cookies and wine.


I wanted to get one of these this Christmas but failed. I prefer it to the capiz ones because this spells Christmas when I was a child. Maybe next year? It doesn’t have to be as big, it just has to be as vintage-styleImage

image from here


Finally decided to prepare this for guest: melba toast with the following toppings: Magnolia cream cheese spread with and pineapple tidbits, Magnolia cream cheese spread with smoked salmon and parsley, and Peanut (Butter?) & Co white chocolate something. Served with Lim Guan peanuts from Bacolod courtesy of a cousin.

canapes Tray used has a Christmas motif. HHA suggested we just serve the toast atop the tray with nothing under. I thought it should be lined. What do you think? Would it have been okay without the paper? Paper used was Glad baking paper. 



4 thoughts on “POST-CHRISTMAS Thoughts of the Mundane Sort (don’t expect profundity here)

  1. Really? but won’t it seem unsanitary to serve canapes off the tray? Had I known the wife wouldn’t come, I could have done away without the liner actually. Next time. Thanks for the suggestion.

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