Dong Yi


TIme was when I resisted Korean period (costume) series. For one, people in costumes are hard to distinguish. For another, it’s harder to relate, so many details to remember, etc. For still another, they tend to be really long. But I am willing to make exceptions, like I did with Sungkyuwan Scandal because the male leads there were cute, particular the flamboyant one who was the male lead in Innocent Man. Now I am watching Dong-yi, a 60-episode period series.

Dong-yi is richly textured and is therefore very interesting. The actors and actresses starting with the young Dong-yi (Kim Yoo-jung) are good, two of the males my favorites. Sadly, one (Bae Soo BIn) of the two doesn’t get the girl again. It’s consoling that the other male lead (Jin See Hee) is my favorite as well.

How rich the culture of Korea is can be gleaned in the series. Music plays a focal part in their lives such that when it was discordant at a performance, they thought it to be a portent of things to come. The gap between those in power and the slaves is depicted as a matter of fact rather than as cause celebre.

I’m watching the series slowly, eager to grasp the nuances and not just how the story unfolds. I think it is well worth the time I’m spending on it.

Thanks Susan for strongly endorsing Dong-Yi, which got a rating of 9.85/10 in


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