EDSA Shangrila Hotel

Called (633 8888) to reserve for dinner tonight. I’ll be testing out my pressure sore -pray I survive.

Was pleased when the man who answered said, “May I help you?” with his voice not going down at “you” – the phenomenon of which makes me always feel the one who inflects downward at that point is tired or sick and tired, annoyed at the call.

Was connected to Heat. I asked if they had anything different than usual tonight. My call was passed on to someone. In the course of waiting, my throat became scratchy. Inevitably, I coughed. Okay, coughing fit. Mini coughing fit. The lady on the other end sounded concerned as she asked, “Okay lang kayo ma’am?” I apologized. She said it was all right, many people are coughing these days. I appreciated the empathy.

Nice to know the hotel personnel in ESH are warm and not indifferent.

Happy New Year. See you tonight!

Pictures of EDSA Shangrila Hotel – look ma, the big tree is no more. But these remain:

edsa shang treesThe lobster cooked in butter and garlic (you can request how it should be cooked) was superb!


Saw this on the way home. I couldn’t take a full view of it but you get the drift. I like that the tree has colors.



Celebrity sightings by son in HEAT(my back was turned to them):

Romnick Sarmenta

Ian Veneracion

And we all saw:

Junmar Fajardo

Junjun Cabatu


A closer look at the tree and stars:

tre2I forgot to mention – in the bakeshop that was adorned Gingerbread House style were Christmas decor – ceramic doll like figures and houses being sold at P2k plus. I was so tempted to buy because they reminded me of Lola’s collection. Except that I felt like Scrooge last night plus the fact that Christmas is over. They were also selling a creche at almost P4k. I really wanted those porcelain/ceramic thingies. So yesterday, so reminiscent of my childhood with mama still around. 😦



5 thoughts on “EDSA Shangrila Hotel

  1. Oh, thanks so much. Over and beyond the “call of duty” to call Shang pa. 🙂 But much appreciated. Might copy the theme for this year’s Christmas tree, but instead of luggage tags, I’ll print sheet music of Christmas carols. Excited for Christmas. Hehehehe. January pa lang.

    • You better start doing it now. Husband was watching the news yesterday – I forgot which country was featured that had a spectacular New Year’s Eve thing. The organizers said they would start planing for the next one the day after. Year-long prep talaga.

    • Hi TPS. Called Shang. Okay I’m not observant but I am resourceful, post facto. The red thingies are origami stars. They were being sold at P300 (?) per, the luggage tags contain the names of the donors. Proceeds went to White Cross and another group whose name I couldn’t quite catch. Great idea no? I think the “campaign” stopped before New Year’s Day.

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