Happy New Year, everyone!


(image from here)


From hereon in, Christmas Eve and/or New Year’s Eve ham will spell Santi’s and vice versa. After the letdown (CDO’s) Holiday ham gave us at Christmas Eve, I vowed to make up on New Year’s Eve. To my consternation and pleasant surprise, Santi’s ham didn’t really cost as much as I thought it would and was truly satisfying. Incidentally, Santi’s has cheese and cold cuts platters available at P1500 per. You can pre-order according to your specifications or get the store-prepared ones even as late as the 31st.


How were the fireworks in your area? No, we didn’t go out to check – asthma-inducing after all, but the brevity of the noise’s duration was such a relief! And the doggies weren’t howling/barking like crazy. HHA’s ruse: feed them really full at 9:30 pm. They only started barking when son went out to check on them.


Early morning, son told us about the Torotot Festival in Davao. Good for Mayor Duterte. His invitation’s implementation aimed to break the Guinness world record:

Every New Year’s eve, I’m frightened a little about the possibility of stray bullets and fires resulting from the revelry. Not to forget respiratory problems. Couldn’t Mayor Duterte’s plan be implemented nationwide please?


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