“Edifying” FB

Back when I was teaching, the principal of the school where I taught had this favorite word – “edifying”. Every time we had a meeting, she would use that word and we came to expect it.

What does edify mean, anyway? This is what YES magazine, quoting wikipedia, has to say. I kid. The dictionary in my laptop has this on edify:

verb ( -fies, -fied) [ trans. ] formal

instruct or improve (someone) morally or intellectually.

ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French edifier, from Latin aedificare ‘build,’ from aedis ‘dwelling’ + facere ‘make’ (compare with edifice ). The word originally meant [construct a building,] also [strengthen,] hence to “build up” morally or spiritually.

Two days ago, my son reposted someone’s post- a meme- on his timeline. As I liked it, I was tagged and son assigned me a Korean painter for obvious reasons. And following that, a few friends liked my post and were similarly assigned an artist each. My knowledge of the arts is so limited and searching for an appropriate artist per friend was a challenge. I could just have been lazy and assigned known artists but I decided not to. This decision opened up a whole world of information that was daunting to say the least. one learns every day.

Son’s re-post which you might like to put on your timeline:

“The idea is to fill Facebook with a little art. The game is easy: to anyone who ‘likes’ this picture, I will assign an artist. All you need to do is to upload/link a picture of this artist’s work on your wall, and so on!”

While we were talking about this, husband was asking, “what’s that?” And we had to explain it. Son succinctly said, “It’s a meme”. Now what is a meme? I thought the word was a FB term, or a fairly recent term like dork, nerd, etc. – words I never came across in my youth — until I found this in my laptop’s dictionary.:


So there. Edify FB with a meme. 



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