Last December I bought 7 items in Pylones for gift giving. I was able to give only two of them, the rest are in my box of items for gift giving. The two I managed to give yielded happy thanks and somehow, I was convinced about how Pylones items generate smiles from most everyone.

This afternoon, exactly 14 days since I last shopped, I made it a point to visit Pylones. The New Year means another year of birthdays. I’m not complaining, not at all. I enjoy choosing special gifts for special people. And Pylones has become a happy source of things I know while make recipients smile.

Sheng of Pylones was solicitous. She guided me through the different sections of the store, showing me stuff, explaining them to me with nary a hint of impatience. That she was happy doing what she was doing where she was doing it was evident. And infectious. I ended up buying 9 items, 8 of them to give us presents. I got a kitchen towel holder for myself, one with a Chef’s head complete with toque, to render a small space happier, more alive, more welcoming.

Thank you Sheng. Thank you Pylones. Incidentally, after asking if she were manager of the store, I learned that Sheng is its OIC. Management couldn’t have chosen better. 🙂

Some of the items available: (from the Australian website) ImageavaImageImageImageImageImageImage



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